Dental Phobia

You are surfing the web, an advert pops up for a dental surgery, immediately your heart starts racing, you break out in cold sweat, and you start having nauseous and shaky feeling. Oh no! not yet another reminder of your oral problem. Is that you? You may be one of the people who suffer with dental phobia. Dental phobia is also known as dentophobia, odontophobia or dental anxiety.

A “phobia” is traditionally defined as an irrational severe fear that leads to avoidance of the feared situation, object, or activity. Most people live with the fear of going to the dentist. On the other hand, people with dental phobia panic at the thought of a dental visit, they can do almost anything to avoid an appointment with the dentist.

Generally, people with dental phobia have higher risk of early tooth loss and gum disease. They may also suffer from poorer health, reason being that poor oral health has been found to be related to some life threatening conditions such as heart diseases and lung infections.

The causes of dental phobia may include, fear of pain, embarrassment, and in some cases, negative past experiences.

Just in case you are still wondering if you have dental phobia. There are signs to look out for and they are listed below;

  • The thought of a dental visit makes you feel physically ill
  • You feel tense or find it difficult to sleep the night before your dental examination
  • You have goose bumps when you see dental adverts or objects.

Everyone has fears and concerns about certain things and in different ways. However, the thought of dental care does not need to fill you with fear as most dental procedures aren’t painful. But if you have dental phobia and you cannot overcome it, then you may need some help. Don’t just sit back and watch your fears take over your oral health, try talking to your dentist about your feelings and fears, he/she will help you overcome these feelings by changing the way you are treated.

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