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This is called Bleeding Gum and is usually as a result of accumulation of plaque around the margins of the gum or vitamin deficiency.

Regular visit to the dental clinic for professional cleaning and the use of multivitamins can greatly improve the health of your gums.

When next you notice your gums bleeding especially while brushing, schedule a dental visit for check up and cleaning.

This is clinically known as Halitosis. Often it is from the oral region due to poor oral hygiene or tooth decay.

To prevent this, make sure you brush at least twice a day , use a tongue scrapper, and floss before going to bed, and make sure to take frequent sips of water during the day . A visit to the dental clinic is essential for assessment.

Often times people are confused on what to do when their front tooth falls out as a result of trauma to the face, they waste valuable time looking for solutions in the wrong places.

Do you know that the best way to save the tooth is to put it back immediately, then drive to see your dentist?

or to store the tooth in one’s own saliva and bring to the clinic within 30mins.

Other alternatives to store the tooth are saliva, milk or water, on no account should the tooth be left dry, otherwise it will result in a poor prognosis after fixing.

This is a frequent complaint from patients and it’s as a result of tooth wear caused either by regular intake of acidic and fizzy drinks or constantly chewing hard things like bone.

To stop the sensitivity you must avoid chewing bone, use a straw to take the acidic and fizzy drinks, use toothpaste specified for sensitivity and visit your dentist.


How do you choose the type of toothpaste you use? Do you choose based on the cost, taste, colour or based on the quality of the TV adverts and the bill boards?

Whatever criteria you use to make your choice, it must be greatly influenced by the presence of Fluoride as one of the major ingredient.

Fluoride strengthens the teeth by preventing the destructive action of the oral bacteria thus protects the teeth from decay.

When next you are going shopping for your toothpaste, check  the contents for fluoride .


The type of toothbrush you use has a great effect on the health of the teeth and gums.

Toddlers, children and teens should use a soft bristle toothbrush, the medium bristle toothbrush for the teens and adult while smokers can use the hard bristle toothbrush.