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What our patients say about us

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You can’t have it better.

The service (excellent) has been the same over the years. Professionalism at its peak. All the staff are at the right place doing what they love.

You can’t have it better anywhere else.

Came in for: Restorative-Composite Filling

Amaka C.
Banker (Lagos, Nigeria)
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Professional and friendly staff!

I’ve been a devotee patient for over 5 years now (Wow: time has certainly fly) and I am utterly pleased with the service and the staff warmth care. They are really polite and very helpful, always smiling. The lovely ladies at the reception do make the experience less daunty and scary (God knows how scared I am every time I set my foot though I don’t show it)

Dr Sofoluwe-Sadare is a jewel! A passionate, gentle, kind soul! Bless you, Dr Sadare!

Came in for: Implant and Crown

France D.
Fitness Consultant, (Lagos, Nigeria)
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The service I received was professional. Staff attitude was positive and smiling. I was talked through the process and I felt comfortable. I am very satisfied with their service.

Thumbs up.

Adedayo A.
London, UK
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I have my Smile & Confidence back

Hadn’t been able to smile in a long time especially for photography. Then, SS Dental recommended Porcelain Crowns to save my fracturing teeth and restore my smile. Through the process of taking my impression, wearing a temporary crown and fitting permanent crown, the job was very professionally done and I must say the finish  is nothing short of perfect.

I have my smile and confidence back, I look younger and I am no longer scared of looking aged without teeth. The little pain is worth all the sacrifice and I feel like a Hollwood Celebrity.

Thanks to Dr. Sofoluwe-Sadare and SS Dental!

Came in for: Porcelain Crown

Olumide A.
Architect, (Lagos, Nigeria)
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Thanks to Dr. Deola and Rachael. I was actually dozing off through the second part of my root canal procedure today. Everything was smooth and pain free, even though I could not open my mouth much. The last time was the same. I will be referring my friends and with feedback checkup medical.

C.E.O Dada
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I came without an appointment for an emergency and I have to admit that I have been treated as a king with a lot of professionalism and caring attitude. Simply perfect!!!

Freddy R.
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Excellent personal service. The doctor explained each step of the procedure, which was a refreshing difference.

Victor O.
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Finally, I got my smiles back. I thank God and express appreciation to the team led by Dr. Sadare. I enjoyed their care, their dedication and the painstaking process. I recommend SS Dental Clinic to anyone who finds himself or herself in the kind of situation I found myself, losing a front tooth and losing confidence. They’ll fix your teeth very well here! Thanks.

Abdulfatah O.
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I love SS Dental and I would not switch for anything! Dr. Sadare is the best and she is fantastic with children! God bless you guys real good. I’ve been here since 2005

Moyo O.
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An amazing smile and encounter with the dentist. A win-win. Loved every minute of my stay here. Efficient, organized and comfortable. Wouldn’t mind coming back for another appointment.

Ayomide F.
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I liked my trip to the dentist, it was very fun and awesome. It was amazing. Thank you!!!

Erika O.